Art classes for kids @ Koorenhuis

For all children (age 4- 11) who love to draw, paint, design and create.

In these courses (starting in January and September) we will explore the world of fine art. We work in an atelier, just like real artists. Each class will focus on different materials like paint, ink, charcoal, plastics, textile, clay and many more.

With a lot of fantasy and fun we discover numerous artists and art forms. And of course we make our own art!

All classes are suitable for Dutch, English & French speaking children.

Course Age Time Day  Costs
Art Playground 4 & 5 9.40-10.40 Saturday
Art Factory        6 & 7 10.45-12.00 Saturday
Art Lab               8 – 11 12.05-14.00 Saturday


Click here for the schedule of the art classes


You can registrate for the art classes here: Registration form


Location:         Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27, The Hague – center

Room:               2.09 (atelier on the second floor)